Who has the best Quality Cloud?

The pricing of the cloud is highly competitive between Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, making the rest fall in line.  So you feel like you are getting good value, but are you getting good quality?

: how good or bad something is

: a characteristic or feature that someone or something has : something that can be noticed as a part of a person or thing

: a high level of value or excellence

McDonald’s rose through its belief in quality.  A consistent experience where your food tasted the same at any McDonald’s you went to.


Consistency, quality and success

Ray Kroc opened the Des Plaines, Illinois restaurant in 1955, and with the first Golden Arches, launched a legendary brand. He saw the value of a restaurant system that could be famous for offering consistently prepared, quality food that tasted the same in every location, every time. In 1958, McDonald’s sold its 100 millionth burger.

One of the things that insiders know is the inconsistent qualities of the cloud between different locations.  Price is the same, but performance and quality is different.  This is shrugged off by most of the providers, but from a customer’s perspective it puts the ownership on you to measure the quality of the cloud.

Sounds wrong.

At some point someone is going to pull a Ray Kroc and focus on quality of the experience and win customers.