Google's VP of Data Centers Joe Kava shares Best Practices

Here is a collection of ideas Google’s VP of Data Centers Joe Kava has shared recently.

Some Tweets from Joe’s Keynote at Uptime.

  1. Joe Kava at : Data center build and maintain contracts are important but relationships you foster are more important.

  2. At : 's Joe Kava on unified IT/DC: "We consider it a manaufacturing process. We manufacture data processing"

  3. Joe Kava, VP of Data Centers, Google: bring DC Ops team on site 6 months before go-live of new build so they can learn the site.

Cover story from Facilities Net.



As Google Grows, It's Up To Joe Kava To Ensure Data Centers Keep Pace

By Casey Laughman, Managing Editor - May 2014 - Data Centers



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Whether it's directions, email, or figuring out who played Goon No. 2 in that old movie the other night, the odds are pretty good that you have used Google recently. After all, a company name becoming a verb is a pretty good indication that it's become the de facto standard for its industry. In Google's industry, that kind of use demands some heavy-duty support from the data center. It's up to Joe Kava, vice president of data centers, to make sure that support is delivered in all aspects of the company's data centers, from design to operations.

Considering the growth spurt the company has been on, it isn't an easy task. In 2006, Google brought online its first owned and operated data center, a $1.2 billion facility in The Dalles, Ore. Since then, the company has brought or will soon be bringing online 11 more data centers spread across six countries and four continents. As the person responsible for Google's data centers since joining the company in 2008, Kava has been in charge of most of those projects.

And Joe has another presentation coming up on May 28th.

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Beyond the PUE Plateau

Presented by Joe Kava, Vice President Data Center, Google