Peak Inside Code Conference, a place not interesting to data center executives

Here is a post on what it is like to attend the Code Conference.  It’s interesting, but I have no interest in attending.

Secrets of the Code Conference


Entrepreneur’s dream: Animoto’s Brad Jefferson with Walt Mossberg

One of the perennial marketing conundrums facing start-up CEOs is picking the best industry conferences to attend to boost their companies’ brands and expand their networks. This week, some lucky entrepreneurs dropped in on what may be the gold standard for tech-industry confabs: The Code Conference.

This is a schmooz event for C level executives.

It was refreshing to hear the big-time CEOs and company founders discuss their companies’ problems and learn that many of them relate to the same issues vexing smaller companies, Shank said—recruiting, dealing with product snafus, etc. Uber Co-Founder and CEO Travis Kalanick talked about not taking a salary for four years and living at home with his mother, which he said didn’t do wonders for his dating life.