Making Sense of Sensor Data Webinar, June 25, 2014

Gigaom Research has a webinar on June 25, 2014 on Making Sense of Sensor data.

Maybe you’ve heard of the Internet of Things, and maybe you’re skeptical.  But this isn’t just about thermostats and personal pedometers.  It’s about fleet optimization, supply chain management, container shipping, manufacturing, sentiment analysis, and fraud prevention, too.

Analysis of streaming data focuses on determining not just the “what and why,” but also the “what’s next.”  By combining sensor data with historical data, even deeper insights can be extracted, equipment breakdowns averted, money saved and efficiencies gained.

I am on the panel along with two others.


Dave Ohara
Jim Haughwout
Jim Haughwout Chief Technology Architect, Building the IoT, Savi