Scary Data Center Outage coming in the next year

It has been over 2 years since there has been a serious data center outage.  An outage that takes out major parts of the data center infrastructure and IT equipment for days.  I brought up this point while at 7x24 Exchange chatting with some friends.  And, they all nodded their heads.  For many companies, financially focused people have cut back on maintenance thinking it is a waste of money.  

We discussed who we thought would be hit with a serious outage. And, even one person suggested a betting pool.  The trouble is everyone wanted to bet on the same company being the one who is hit.  A serious outage can hit many of a range of companies who have been compromising on safety and maintenance of their data centers.

Unfortunately, it takes a major outage, a scary one to get financially focused people to understand the impact of not spending on maintenance of facilities.

Many of you know all too well what could happen.