John Sculley Keynote, History of Disruptive Innovation, The Noble Cause

John Sculley gave the opening keynote at 7x24 Exchange here at Boca Raton on June 2, 2014.

Conference Keynote:
The High Tech Tsunami that is Changing the World


Three explosive high technologies, Cloud, Internet-of-Things, and Unstructured Data Science are converging at an amazing pace. Their derivative effects will be that every major industry will be disrupted, reshaped or even reinvented. Sculley will explain how companies like Amazon are combining exceptional customer experience, disruptive price, and same day delivery by taking advantage of advanced high technology supply chain systems. New business models like Amazon don't require a large number of higher skilled middle mangers that more traditional companies depend on. Sculley will discuss the possibility of middle managers becoming an endangered group as heavy lifting robots are joined by smart robots and the Internet-of-Things. How can corporations adapt to this fast changing world? John Sculley has a unique position as a leader in disruptive high technologies, a global investor and successful entrepreneur who is mentoring CEOs in his own companies in the fields of: the consumer era of healthcare; next generation mobile technologies; IT supply chain; and big data analytics. John will draw on examples from his current experience in the US and South Asia.


John Sculley

John Sculley
Former CEO of Apple and Former President of Pepsi



Let’s start with the end.  John discusses the Disruptive Innovation in The Adaptive Organization with these points.

- The best innovators focus on a “noble cause"

- Focus on best possible customer experience

- Disruptive Innovation is non-linear

- Disruptive innovators … see something others don’t …are passionate and relentless that “there has to be a better way"

- Are willing to commoditize their earlier innovations in order to move to the next era of disruption


Let’s go back to some earlier slides.  John describes the Noble causes illustrating Bill Gates vision vs. Steve Jobs, and the passion of Steve Jobs focusing on the customer experience


Disruption of non-linear is Kodak going bankrupt hit by the growth of smartphones.


Being able to see things others don’t see are lessons learned.


John then went into companies he has a role in or is an investor.

John is chairman of Pivot Technologies.

An investor in Misfit Wearables. and Artemis

This post is a bit of cheat to get insight.  I had a chance to talk to John Sculley at Breakfast.  The last time I had talked to John was 20 years in NYC, and we caught up a bit.