A DC Dude Walks into a Cloud Conference/Gigaom Structure, shares his experience

Gigaom Structure just finished.

THE CLOUD IS THE COMPUTER Meet the innovators and thinkers who are building infrastructure to run the applications of the next decade. 

Watch our Livestream to see what's happening at Structure.  https://go.gigaom.com/Structure2014Livestream_Live.html

Just a few of our speakers include:

  • Scott Guthrie, Microsoft
  • Urs Hölzle, Google
  • Vinod Khosla, Khosla Ventures
  • Raffi Krikorian, Twitter
  • Jamie Miller, GE
  • Werner Vogels, Amazon.com

A few of you signed up for the conference with the 25% discount code I shared for GreenM3 readers.  One of the people who joined last minute is Don Beaty from DLB Associates.  Don and I were both at DCD SF.  Well we have both been at 7x24 Exchange and Uptime Symposium’s hotel bar so I see Don fairly often.  Chatting with Don at DCD SF I told him I was going to Gigaom Structure.  He said it sounds interesting and he would look into changing his plans.  Below is the e-mail Don shared on what he thought of Gigaom Structure.

Hi Dave

Thank you for recommending the Gigaom Conference; this was the first time I attended.

As you know, I am passionate about the increased opportunity for tradeoffs and optimization by considering software, hardware, and facilities holistically.  I really liked the format of the conference but also the lineup of heavy hitters from major players in the industry such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and IBM / Softlayer. 

Having these major players is valuable but having key people from each of these companies was incredible.  The cross section enabled an unusual depth and breadth perspective in this overall area - predominantly software and its impact on business, hardware, facilities, and how we live.


I have had a blast starting to attend Gigaom Structure as a blogger, than as an analyst for Gigaom Research, and now as a speaker.  I am biased because I get to see many subtleties at the event which are eye openers, so my opinion is not necessarily objective.  It is nice to hear from a DC expert like Don Beaty on what he thinks of the Gigaom Structure conference.  I know others who have gone to Gigaom Structure for the first time and they definitely will be back next year.  Will you?