Is the Cloud disrupting the Data Center Ecosystem? Can you see the changes

This past two months I have done the whirlwind of being in the same cities as Data Center World, Uptime Symposium, 7x24 Exchange, Data Center Dynamics and Gigaom Structure.  If you go back 5 years ago only one of these conferences was about the Cloud - Gigaom Structure.  Werner Vogel has been presenting since 2006. Back in 2008 Microsoft presented its Container Data Center solution at Gigaom Structure.

Microsoft Presentation on Containers at GigaOM's Structure 08 - a PUE of 1.3!

PCWorld reports on a Container presentation by Microsoft's Daniel Costello, Director of data center research at GigaOm's Structure 08.

"The idea of modular, portable data centers is key to the industry's future," said Daniel Costello, Microsoft director of data center research, in a presentation at GigaOM's Structure 08 conference in San Francisco. "That's why I'm here to talk about data centers, not just for Microsoft but for our customers as well."

No data center conference can present without discussing the cloud.

Part of the Cloud for so many follows Netflix’s belief in having no data centers.

“Netflix is shutting down its last data center this year,” said Cockcroft. The company’s services are now all hosted in the public cloud, but not just in AWS. Netflix is also using Google Compute Engine.

How do you add data center content on design, build, and operate when a common word of advice for Cloud users is “friends don’t let friends build data centers"

The Cloud is a disruptive force for the data center media and conference industry.  Publications who used to discuss only data centers now intermix cloud technologies.

I have opinions on who will survive and who will not.  The Green Data Center conference tried to make it.  Seems like they would have better luck if they had launched the Cloud Data Center conference.

Gigaom Structure 2014 was a record attendance of 1200 and sold out with standing room only.  7x24 Exchange 2014 Spring hit their numbers.  Most others don’t share their attendance.