Is Newark's Data Center LLC project a Green Data Center?

The Green Data Center aspect is being debated as many focus on the environmental impact.

Newark City Council reviews report on data center’s environmental impact

Newark Mayor Polly Sierer and City Council presented a report on the potential environmental impact of the proposed data center and its adjoining power plant on the University of Delaware’s STAR campus during a special meeting on Monday night.

The report, produced by Liberty Environmental, concludes The Data Centers’ project is relatively clean, but it’s use of combustion engines and non-renewable fossil fuels in a 279 megawatt, gas-turbine power plant does not make it green.

Here is a post that makes the statement this data center is not green.

City's environmental consultant deems TDC project 'not green'


Biebuyck presented Liberty's findings to city council during a special meeting held Monday night in council chambers where he shared several “concerns” regarding TDC's air permit, deeming some of the company's claims “questionable,” “incorrect” and “misleading.”


“This project is to some extent clean but it's certainly not green,” he said.