7x24 Exchange Conference Spring, ending with the best conversations

7x24 Exchange Spring Conference ended yesterday and after 4 years and 7 conferences I’ve learned a lot by making great friends.  The closing of a conference is a race to the airport for almost everyone.  One of the things I tried a few years ago was to book my return flight in the evening and go to the resort pool to enjoy the facilities.  Yesterday by the pool I ended with some of the best conversations with friends at the conference who also choose to enjoy the facilities.

Chatting after the close of the event is so much more relaxing and many times you talk about other things.  I’ve already booked my travel to Phoenix with a 6p return flight.  I can always get on an earlier flight, but my hope is David Schirmacher and I will keep our regular catch up lunch after the conference.  David is the person who convinced me to attend 7x24 Exchange for the first time 4 years ago, and now that I think about I should count him as my 1st 7x24 Exchange friend in a long line of many other friends I see at 7x24 Exchange.  See many of you at Fall 2014 event.

Fall 2014
October 26-29, 2014
JW Marriott Desert Ridge
Phoenix, AZ
Scaling to the Future