What will the New Microsoft Data Center Group look like?

We haven’t seen a major reorganization of a company’s data center group for quite a while.

Reading PCWorld’s description of the coming changes at Microsoft.

“Nothing is off the table in how we think about shifting our culture to deliver on this core strategy. Organizations will change. Mergers and acquisitions will occur. Job responsibilities will evolve. New partnerships will be formed. Tired traditions will be questioned. Our priorities will be adjusted. New skills will be built. New ideas will be heard. New hires will be made. Processes will be simplified,” he wrote. “And if you want to thrive at Microsoft and make a world impact, you and your team must add numerous more changes to this list that you will be enthusiastic about driving.”

Specifically, Microsoft will “modernize” its engineering processes, so that they’re more in tune with customer needs, and are more data driven, faster and more focused on quality, according to Nadella.

gates nadella ballmerMICROSOFT


Gates, Steve Ballmer, and Satya Nadella, the only three CEOs to ever lead Microsoft. Nadella says the Microsoft of tomorrow may not resemble the Microsoft of yesteryear.

The goal is to “reduce the amount of time and energy it takes to get things done” in the engineering team by having fewer people involved in making decisions, and more accountability.


It is quite possible that the Microsoft Data Center Group aka GFS. http://www.globalfoundationservices.com will have significant changes. This group has been in existence since about 2005 when Mike Manos was the first Sr Director of the Data Center Services Group.  9 years later a restructuring seems like a good possibility especially when you take into account statements Satya Nadella is saying “Nothing is off the table in how we think about shifting our culture on this core strategy.”

Maybe GFS will not be touched at all and it will be exactly as it is now, and the rest of Microsoft will change. :-)