Turbines Blade Pressure causes Bat's Trauma, not impact

Telegraph has a post reporting that Bats are dying because of the turbine blade pressures, not impact.

Bats get ‘the Bends’ when they fly too near wind turbines, experts have claimed.

Queen’s University Belfast said pressure from the turbine blades causes a similar condition as that experienced by divers when the surface too quickly.

Conservationists have warned that the bodies of bats are frequently seen around the bases of turbines, but it was previously assumed they had flown into the blades.

However, Dr Richard Holland claims that bats suffer from ‘barotrauma’ when the approach the structures which can pop their lungs from inside their bodies.

Suggested answer by Dr. Holland is to turn off the turbines during migration.

Dr Holland said energy companies should consider turning off turbines when bats are migrating.

"We know that bats must be 'seeing' the turbines, but it seems that the air pressure patterns around working turbines give the bats what's akin to the bends," he said.

The effect on wildlife of wind turbines is slowly being discovered.

Salon reports that offshore wind farms are helping seals find food.

Go wind power! For once, the green energy source has made the news for the wildlife itdoesn’t inadvertently slaughter — and that it may even be helping to thrive. Offshore wind farms, finds a study published today in the journal Current Biology, are making more food available for seals.

A farm off the coast of Germany, researchers found, is acting as an “artificial reef,” attracting fish and crustaceans and the grey and harbor seals that feed on them.