Google continues building a World Class Network

Too many times the data center issues are separate from networking issues.  Many times there have been so-called innovative data centers that are promoted, and when you dig behind the scenes the network is not up to the same quality as the data center.  Google is one of those who accounts for the relationship of the network with its data centers at all kinds of levels, and they invest long term to have best of breed network.

The latest announcement has Google’s Urs Hoelzle posting on a new Japan-USA 60 Tbps connection.

At Google we want our products to be fast and reliable, and that requires a great network infrastructure, whether it's for the more than a billion Android users or developers building products on Google Cloud Platform. And sometimes the fastest path requires going through an ocean. That’s why we’re investing in FASTER, a new undersea cable that will connect major West Coast cities in the US to two coastal locations in Japan with a design capacity of 60 Tbps (that's about ten million times faster than your cable modem). Along with our previous investments - UNITY in 2008 and SJC (South-East Asia Japan Cable) in 2011, FASTER will make the internet, well, faster and more reliable for our users in Asia. 
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The 6 partners represent Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and USA (Google).

I think we can look forward to more consortiums networking the world.  Does your data center group have connections with the leading network thought leaders?

One of the interesting things to see is how Urs’s post is shared.  Not the upper right where there is an independent share of the fiber network project in Korea.