What did I write yesterday that got a big bump in traffic?

In the old days I used to look my blog metrics every day.  Now I look at them maybe once every 1 or 2 weeks.  This morning I checked out the metrics and saw this.


What the heck did I write yesterday?

Oh that post on % of Google, Microsoft, and AWS employees recommending their company to friends.

Google-90%, Microsoft-77%, AWS-66%, % employees of who recommend working for their Cloud

Google, Microsoft, and AWS are in fight for the Cloud and recruiting top talent.  One way to judge how good their cloud is based on how good their employees are.  To get a peak into the employees you can use Glassdoor like Forbes did to discover whether employees would recommend working for the company.  For these top guys here are is one set of data.  90% of google, 77% of microsoft, and 66% of AWS employees would recommend to their friends to work there.

FYI, I was inspired to write this post because a friend of mine who works at Google mentioned how a particular executive was focused on recruiting top talent and his insight on what he needs to do to recruit the best in the industry.   I then just so happened to find the Forbes article on the Best Cloud Computing companies to work for.