How Good is the Cloud? Hiring of Netflix VP for CIO job will change Yahoo's DC Strategy

Yahoo has announced it has hired a new CIO, Mike Kail.  Mike was VP of IT Operations at Netflix, the company who helped to create the momentum that the cloud is better than owning data centers.  ZDNet posts on Netflix being the biggest cloud app.

The biggest cloud app of all: Netflix

Summary: The largest pure-cloud play service of all is based on Netflix's open-source stack running on Amazon Web Services.


Netflix, the popular video-streaming service that takes up a third of all internet traffic during peak traffic hours isn't just the single largest internet traffic service. Netflix, without doubt, is also the largest pure cloud service.

It would seem like Mike Kail would be a person who would push the use of the Cloud at Yahoo.  Here is the press release on the new CIO.

 (YHOO) announced that Mike Kail has joined the company as CIO and SVP, Infrastructure. In this role, Mike will lead Yahoo’s IT and data center operations, reporting to CEO Marissa Mayer.


“The strength of our technical infrastructure is critical as we aim to deliver the best possible user and advertiser experiences. It also ensures that Yahoos have the tools and technology necessary to execute. After an intensive search for the right leader, I am excited to announce that today Mike Kail is joining Yahoo as our new CIO and SVP, Infrastructure,” said Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. “Mike has the perfect combination of experience and vision to lead our IT and infrastructure to even greater global reach and scale.”


"I’m extremely excited to be joining Yahoo and to contribute to their focus on building great sites and services," said Yahoo SVP, Infrastructure and CIO. "I'm looking forward to leading Yahoo’s world-class infrastructure teams, which will continue to provide the web scale architecture that enables the many outstanding products of the company."

Mike has 10 slideshare presentations over the past 11 months with none before that.  It would seem Mike has been getting his name out there as part of leaving Netflix.  Many times a sudden increase in executives giving presentation is related to them looking for a new job.

I was looking at the media’s coverage of Mike Kail’s move and didn’t find anything insightful.  Looking through Mike’s presentations provided more information on what he might do.

For example, here is Mike’s presentation on The future of IT infrastructure, a CIO perspective from May 2014.

The Future of IT InfrastructureThe Future of IT InfrastructurePresentation Transcript

  • The Future of IT Infrastructure The CIO Perspective mike d. kail VP of IT Ops :: Netflix @mdkail
  • IT :: Evolution IT Must Enable the Business Embrace Change
  • IT :: Revolution ● Cloud Adoption by CIOs
  • Financial Shift :: CapEx → OpEx ● Spending Efficiency ○ Over/Under Provisioning ● Cash Flow “smoothing” ● Business Agility ● Legacy → Innovative ● No More Write-Downs
  • IT Trends :: Moonshot Thinking ● IaaS / PaaS / SaaS ● Mobile Everything ● API Ubiquity ● Rebirth of SQL / ETL 2.0 ● Data Security ● Cloud Identity ○ AuthN + AuthZ + MFA ● Rich Applications ○ UI/UX ● Big Data Analytics
  • IT :: Roadmap ● Talent -- A+ Players ● Planning -- 10x goal ● Custom Applications Dev ● Data/Metrics Driven Decisions ● Consumerization Effect ● Security, Security, Security

Slide 4 from above gives you tips Mike like to embrace the cloud.


On Mar 2014, Mike preaches more on the benefit of the cloud.