7x24 Fall 2014 Phoenix is open for Registration, Google Execs present 2X

7x24 2014 Fall Phoenix is open for registration.


Going through the program what caught my eye is two presentations by Google.

Keynote: Google - Beyond the PUE Plateau

In a white paper released earlier this year, Google presented a revised operations model for maximizing data center performance while minimizing energy use across the data center fleet. "Machine Learning Applications for Data Center Optimization" describes Google's progress with moving beyond the PUE plateau. During this session Joe Kava will briefly introduce the adoption of Predictive PUE across Google's Data Centers and provide an update on how the sites are reaching this goal.


Joe Kava

Vice President

Google Data Centers

Google- Renewable Energy: Keeping Pace with Data Center Growth

Increasingly, customers are expecting their data center service providers to share their sustainability goals, including ensuring that the energy supply serving those data centers consists of as much renewable energy as possible.  This will likely become increasingly important as major corporations move more of their IT needs onto third party infrastructure. As a carbon neutral company, Google has been a pioneer in this area. This session will focus on innovative ways that Google has used to source renewable energy for operations; trends in sourcing renewables; why this is important to Google; principal challenges moving forward; and Google’s plans for the future.


Gary Demasi

Director of Operations, Global Infrastructure

Google Inc.