Why I attend 7x24 Exchange? They invited me to give it a try, and I like it

Sometimes it is hard to get someone to change their habits and try something new.  Years ago I was on the regular data center circuit - Uptime Symposium, DatacenterDynamics, Data Center World, Gartner Data Center Conference and a range of others.  Then I had a good friend who is a 7x24 Exchange Board member say you need to come to 7x24 Exchange.  No, I go to enough data center conferences.  Come on give it a try.  I know others who liked the 7x24 events so I decided to give a try.  Like Mikey.

I got another data center exec to give 7x24 Exchange a try and we both have consistently attended twice a year for the past 3 years.  I like 7x24 Exchange.  

Have you tried it?  Mikey would like it.  Oh I could have written this post using Mikey Manos as the subject.  :-)  Unfortunately, now that Mike is CTO of First Data Corp we don’t see him like we used to at data center events.