7 things wrong with Technology Conferences/tradeshows

I’ve gone to lots of data center events and a lot of technology events.  It is time for some changes.  Before change it is good to know what is frustrating to so many of us.

Here is list of 7 things that I find occur more often than I would like.

#1)  Public Relations staff at the event and companies limit what is presented, therefore discussed.

#2)  Event schedule is too dense.

#3)  Venue is not set up for discussions, so the best place to meet is the bar.

#4)  Too many presentations are not that good.

#5)  What is called a presentation is a sales pitch.

#6)  Conference is organized to service sponsors, not the attendees.

#7)  The event is boring.

Now imagine an industry event that tries to address all 7 of these issues.  That would be an event worth attending.