AWS's unexplained reboot degrades Trust, Wake up and Focus on Improving Trust

AWS is secretive about its running of AWS.  Last night I saw that AWS was going to reboot a bunch of their EC2 instances on friday.

Yikes: Big Amazon Web Services reboot on the way Friday





Many Amazon Web Services customers will soon be subjected to a reboot of their EC2 instances — but no one outside of AWS knows why.

This morning others in the press spread the news.

AWS users fret over downtime ahead of Amazon's massive EC2 reboot

ZDNet - ‎2 hours ago‎
Some AWS users have also expressed concern on the AWS user forum that they've been given too short notice to monitor services that may be affected during the maintenance event. Meanwhile, others have commended AWS for forcing a reboot at the ... 

AWS issuing 'urgent patch' to EC2 instances

Computer Business Review - ‎1 hour ago‎
AWS has said that not all instances of the impacted instance types will be rebooted. 2. If you relaunch an instance before the maintenance, you are not guaranteed to get an already-patched host." T1, T2, M2, R3, and HS1 instance types will not be affected. 

Cue The Cloud Naysayers--Amazon Web Services Set To Nuke Bulk Servers

Forbes - ‎9 hours ago‎
The details, according to Von Eicken, are that Amazon Web Services (AWS) notified its customers today, Sept 24, that it will be rolling out an urgent patch to all hosts causing a maintenance reboot of nearly all EC2 instances starting September 26, 2014 and ...

So what is the big deal?  There is speculation the reboot is for security issues.  Whatever is the reason Amazon is not saying now.

Does this improve or degrade trust in Amazon?  

Don’t you think the messaging would be different if Amazon focused on improving trust in its cloud?