DCIM ≠ ECMA - 400 Smart Data Centre Resource Monitoring and Control Standard, Why Not?

I was chatting with Intel’s Henry Wong at Intel Developer Forum and he mentioned the ECMA-400 standard.



Operation of data centres requires management of storage, computation, communication, electrical energy and temperature to achieve the required quality of service and efficiency parameters. Often, however, the separate management of Information Technology (IT), electrical energy (or power) and cooling Resource islands yields a sub-optimal result. 

This Standard provides Messages that facilitate integrated or “smart” monitoring and control of Resources in those islands. The Messages are exchanged between the Management Function and Resources. The Standard acknowledges that those Resources may be composed of other Resources (e.g. a rack may contain servers, ventilators, etc.). In addition, e.g. those servers may be viewed from their computing, energy consumption or dissipation aspects which this Standard models as Resource Components and groups into IT, power and fluid Domains, respectively.

This specific seems like it should be associated with DCIM, but when I ran a google search on “ecma 400 dcim”  the results showed up without DCIM and when DCIM was used the 400 didn’t refer to the standard.

DCIM = ECMA-400 should be the state

DCIM ≠ ECMA-400 is the current state.  When will someone fix this?  Seems like someone out of all the DCIM vendors would be looking at working the ECMA-400.  

  • Smart Data Centre Resource Monitoring and Control - Ecma ...

    Ecma International
    Annex A (normative) ECMA-400 Edition 1 Resource configuration options ............. ................................. 27. A.1. SDC VM Allocation Option.
    Missing: dcim
  • Index of Ecma Standards - Ecma International

    Ecma International
    ECMA-328 · ECMA-341 · ECMA-370 · ECMA-383 · ECMA-389 · ECMA-393 · ECMA-400. Safety, EMC and EMF, Acoustical Emissions, Environmental Product  ...
    Missing: dcim
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    So his breakdowns are: 1) 480/277V AC, 2) 400/230V AC, 3) 48V DC, 4) 380V .... as the EPA, ECMA and Climate Savers that promote a similar goal and vision.