BFFs, having fun and enjoying life

Kids regularly use the term BFF.

"Best friends forever" or "BFF" is a phrase that describes a close friendship typical of teenage girls and young women.[1][2] Such friendships are characterized by intimacy, trust and a sense of permanence.[3] The contacts between the close friends tend to be frequent and be based upon shared experiences such as attendance at the same school.[3]

My daughter had fun with her BFF after school last week “Dad we want to go skurfing. “  It’s hard to say no.  OK, let me finish my video call with a client.  Luckily I was about 30 seconds from finishing the call.

Water Skurfing is a form of water skiing that uses a surfboard or similar board instead of skis. The skurfer is towed behind a motorboat at planing speed with a tow rope similar to that of Knee Boarding andwakeboarding. It shares an advantage with kneeboarding in that the motorboat does not require as much speed as it does for water skiing.


What does it mean to have a BFF.  Well one interesting test is the two friends figuring out how to both get up on surfboard.  How do we start and get up?  i am front. No you.  Ready? Yes. No. OK.  Watching the two of them stay up for at least a minute demonstrated their friendship.