Green Data Center Timeline from Greenpeace

Green Data Centers have come along way since i started blogging on the subject in 2007.

Greenpeace has a timeline from their perspective on the green data center here.

Here are some of their early entries.

September, 2011: Google increases transparency on its data center energy use

Google releases information on exactly how much energy it takes to provide searches, email, youtube videos and all other Google services, as well as its energy mix.

December, 2011: Facebook to renewable energy siting policy for data centers

Facebook commits to a siting policy with a stated preference to locate data centers in areas with renewable energy available, bringing to a close the 20-month Greenpeace Unfriend Coal campaign.

May, 2012: Apple commits to 100 % renewable energy for iCloud

Apple announces a doubling of its solar installation at its North Carolina data center, along with a commitment that all of its data centers will be powered by 100 % renewable energy.

June, 2012: eBay quits the coal grid for its Utah data center

eBay installs fuel cells for its Utah data center, setting them up in a way that allows the facility to run independently from the electricity grid, which is heavily powered by coal there.