Will China Cloud Companies coming to the USA be a Greenpeace target?

Who Greenpeace will target its environmental campaign at is an unknown.  I guessed at first it would be Dell.  Then with Facebook's move to use coal power in Oregon it became a target.  Facebook, Apple, and Google have all figured out how to escape being the primary target of Greenpeace.

If I were to guess who is Greenpeace's next target I would say Amazon, but with the moves of China Cloud companies into the USA I could be wrong again and Tencent, Alibaba, Huawei could be targets.  Datacenterknowledge posted on Huawei's latest announcement to expand.

Chinese IT giant Huawei announced plans to invest $1 billion to grow its cloud services business, according to reports.

It is one of several major Chinese technology companies to announce a big investment program to expand cloud services. Tencent said in February it would spend $1.57 billion to grow its cloud business, and Alibaba announced a $1 billion cloud investment in July.