Reflection on 2013 and 2014 Cloud Market from Charles Fitzgerald

Gigaom's Barb Darrow writes on Platformonomics posts on the cloud market

If you want a cogent — and hilarious — assessment of the state of cloud, take a look at Charles Fitzgerald’s latest blog post “A dispatch from cloud city — 2014 retrospective.”

Fitzgerald, managing director of Platformonomics, a strategy consulting firm, has an incisive take on how legacy IT powers — Cisco, HP (HP Enterprise?), IBM, Microsoft and others are performing in what HP CEO Meg Whitman would probably call a “multi-year transformation.” Fitzgerald, formerly an exec at Microsoft and VMware, assigns each legacy vendor a “delusion factor” to indicate how its stated view of its position in cloud contrasts with reality.


Here is a Charles's 2014 reflection.

And here is his 2013 reflection.

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