Isn't Mobile-First, Cloud-First like saying you want to be Apple and AWS?

Arstechnica has an article saying that Microsoft is still Steve Ballmer's Microsoft and Satya is running things.

One year in, it’s still Steve Ballmer’s Microsoft—Satya Nadella just runs it
Microsoft’s direction hasn’t changed. Its perception has.

by Peter Bright - Feb 4 2015, 4:01am PST
Over the long haul, Microsoft’s hope is that its new focus—whether you call it “Devices and Services” or “Mobile-first, cloud-first”—will make up for the dependence on PC sales. This transition is perhaps one of the best reasons for Nadella’s appointment as CEO. As one of the big cloud champions within the company under the old regime, it’s fitting that he should continue the work as leader of the new company. The new Microsoft may have started under the old CEO, but the new CEO has given it a kind of visibility and credibility that it lacked before.

The last paragraph in closing is making a positive spin on the Mobile-first, cloud-first strategy.  But, when you think of who has made mobile-first I think of Apple and for cloud-first I think of AWS.

How can you put two things first?

And is what being said is be like Apple and AWS, but branded Microsoft?

I am confused.