Last Day for Early Bird Registration 7x24 Exchange Spring Conference

I am going to 7x24 Exchange Spring and today is the last day for early bird registration.

For a short time I was debating whether I should go.  I've gone for 4 years and 2 conferences per year.  Chatting with a data center executive who has attended just as many he was debating as well,  after a quick discussion we both agreed we are returning.

One of my data center friends who now works for Uptime Institute originally suggested I attend 7x24 Exchange years ago. Of course at the time he didn't work for Uptime.  Am I going to Uptime? No.  Am I hosting a party next week?  No.  Honestly Uptime Institute and 451 Research doesn't come up in any of my discussions.  So why would I go.

As one of my friends pointed out the Data Center industry organizations are like religions.  AFCOM/Data Center World, Data Center Dynamics, Gartner Data Center World, 7x24 Exchange.  And like religions they appeal to people for different reasons.  I've been to all of them.  And I favor 7x24 Exchange.  They are consistently growing while everyone else is shrinking as the overall data center ecosystem shrinks.

The data center ecosystem is shrinking?  Yes.  It is.

Even as it shrinks there are some that are holding steady. 7x24 Exchange a non-profit is doing fine.