7x24 Exchange Spring 2015 Keynote Astronaut Mark Kelly - "Endeavour to Succeed"

Astronaut Mark Kelly gave the opening keynote at the Spring 2015 7x24 Exchange Conference in Orlando on June 8, 2015 - "Endeavour to Succeed"

The keynote was well received and a memorable one. The opening video was an excerpt from this U2 video to a concert in Seattle at Qwest Field.

One of the main themes that Mark Kelly covered is having a Goal, a Plan, and Working hard.  One of my data center friends had just seen Mark Kelly at another executive event and he noticed there were parts of the presentation that are his theme, and how he customized the presentation to the data center audience.

To give you an idea of what Mark spoke about here is a Ted video.

7x24 Exchange spends a lot of effort to get inspirational keynotes and this keynote by Mark Kelly is amongst the top ones.