Shifting to the Cloud makes it easier to attract Top Talent says AWS users

Shifting to the Cloud continues to grow and part of the change are those who are comfortable with the legacy systems.  These legacy systems have quickly turned into the dinosaurs of IT and one of the benefits of a Cloud environment is hiring developers who build solutions faster and more agile.

Fortune's Barb Darrow has an article based on her discussions with customers at AWS Re:Invent last week.

That flexible, pay-as-you-go pitch resonates with many companies. But at the annual AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas last week several big AWS customers said that by moving from legacy systems to the cloud, they’re better able to attract, hire, and keep the best programmers and software engineers.

James McGlennon, chief information officer of Fortune 100 insurance giant Liberty Mutual, said this is an important factor of a big technology upgrade announced last month.

The move to the modern, faster model of micro-services and cloud deployment is making it easier for Liberty Mutual to attract the best and brightest, he said.

“Our army of developers are voting with their keyboards,” for the agile software development model common to cloud deployment, McGlennon told Fortune in an interview last week at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas.

A variety of industries, including insurance companies, car makers, and energy companies, all have to offer customers, partners, and their own employees a modern web interface for their services. Many of those services themselves are delivered over the Internet. That means all these companies need software developers and architects to update and improve those services all the time. There’s truth in the new adage that every company is now a technology company. And technology is increasingly synonymous with the cloud.