The Missed Opportunity for Open Compute Summit - Business Focus on Scale Out

I have gone to every Open Compute Summit since they have started.  I've met many of the founders of the effort and watched over the years as OCP has developed.  OCP has grown beyond what I thought it could be when I went to the first event in Palo Alto.

A friend asked what is my biggest take away from OCP Summit 2016?

My biggest take away is the OCP is not marketing themselves correctly.  They should be focusing on this is the conference for “scale out.”  They have all the pieces.  The OCP staff are not focused on the business.   The vendors are screaming for more business focus.  And the customers want it too.

I want to give credit to one of OCP founders who is ex-Facebook and ex-Google who said, "OCP is the one scale-out conference."  OMG you are right.  This is the one scale out conference where data centers, racks, compute, storage, and network are all considered for scale-out infrastructure.

BTW, I think the OCP staff do a great job running the event which is a type business focus.  The above business I mention is the focus on the issues to run a scale-out infrastructure.

We'll see if OCP Summit 2017 focuses on the theme of scale-out and the sponsors who are interested in this theme.