Best 8 Watts of Power Spent in Home Office - PFSense Opensource Firewall

If you want an all in one easy to use Router, Firewall and Access Point than Google OnHub is a good choice.

If you want to run a more powerful system with security features than try PFsense. I've been running PFsense SG-2220 Security Gateway appliance for 9 months and it has been solid using only 8 watts.

here is a post by PCGamer reviewing OnHub and preferring the use of PFsense.

The ideal situation for us was using the OnHub in bridge mode, so that we could use a more advanced router to do routing duties. In our case, connecting the OnHub to a product like the pfSense gateway is the ultimate solution.

For my home office I use Ubiquiti access points.  I have two in the main house. I could use one, but the data center DNA has me wired to prefer redundancy. Then one in the office.  And another in the beach house.  Single SSID. Automatic frequency configuration. And all kinds of good monitoring so I know things are working.

Why the focus on monitoring? Because monitoring fits in a more secure solution.

InfoWorld wrote a review of PFSense.

Fast and feature-rich pfSense may be the best firewall bar none β€” and it’s free and open source