Do people think about how the data center bulding shapes the Internet Services and its team?

Winston Churchill is know for a well known quote.

In October 1943, following the destruction of the Commons Chamber by incendiary bombs during the Blitz, the Commons debated the question of rebuilding the chamber. With Winston Churchill’s approval, they agreed to retain its adversarial rectangular pattern instead changing to a semi-circular or horse-shoe design favoured by some legislative assemblies. Churchill insisted that the shape of the old Chamber was responsible for the two-party system which is the essence of British parliamentary democracy: ‘we shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us.’

Data Centers look like warehouses from the outside.  Their efficient and over time determined as the lowest cost way to house the equipment for Internet Services.  Just like any other commercial building design.

Like Winston Churchill says "we shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us."

What happens if you are focused on a creative collaborative team who would run a data center. Should the data center be designed differently?

An example of different is Pixar's headquarters covered by Buzzfeed.

The beating heart of the campus — and of Pixar itself — is the two-story Steve Jobs Building that provides a tremendous 218,000 square feet of space for roughly 700 people to work, eat, and play. The name is not just an honorific to the late Jobs, who bought the company from LucasArts in 1986 and served as its Chairman and then CEO until it was purchased by Disney in 2006. In a very real sense, the building is Steve Jobs.

“Since Steve didn’t actually make our movies, the building itself became his project,” says company President Ed Catmull, one of Pixar’s co-founders with John Lasetter. “This is the only building that Steve ever designed and built and carried through [with finishing] it.”

How many data centers look all the same? Data halls, electrical rooms, mechanical rooms, and last the office space.