Best Impact of Brexit Win could be a focus on accountability of campaign promises

Any one knows that campaign promises are not kept, but that didn't stop the UK voters from supporting Brexit. With history being set as possibly one of the biggest worldwide economic impacts of one countries election results, there is a huge focus on what was promised and what will be delivered creating new ideas like Regrexit.

Brexit’s broken promises: Health care, immigration and the economy

So much for all those promises. Leading politicians in the campaign to pull the U.K. out of the European Union are back-pedaling fast on a number of pledges, particularly over extra money for health care.

The retreat has prompted howls of outrage, from politicians who wanted Britain to stay in the EU as well as some Leave voters who say they feel “cheated.”

In the past politicians could count on human short term memory to throw out campaign promises that would were never intended to actually be promises. With the web and video recording it is easy for the media and public to search for past statements made that were campaign promises.

With the US election coming up with between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, this may be the one where the presidential candidates are faced with a public that can force an accountability of campaign promises.

Brexit is helping to change this.

How bad are things? CNN and others write on how the UK government is now in a damage control mode.

Brexit: UK government shifts to damage control

London (CNN)Not since World War II has Britain faced such an uncertain future.

A vote last week to pull out of the European Union has sent the country’s currency spiraling, dampened markets, created a leadership vacuum and triggered talks of Scottish secession from Britain, forcing the government into damage control.
Like the markets Brits are now jittery, not knowing who will lead their country when Prime Minister David Cameron steps down in October or what their economy will look like after a divorce from the 28-country EU.

The opposition Labour Party is not doing much better at giving the British people something certain to hold on to. Leader Jeremy Corbyn is dealing with his own Brexit crisis, announcing 10 new shadow cabinet positions Monday after a flurry of resignations over the weekend. The exodus came after he sacked a key shadow minister accused of plotting a coup.
Leaders are now trying to allay fears that Britain may be heading for recession and trying to boost confidence in its markets and currency to avoid a complete economic meltdown.