The DNA (values) of Facebook #5 of the Big 5

Facebook is the youngest of the Big 5 Internet Companies. Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon are all older. Facebook being the youngest has grown the fastest to be a presence in the data center industry. My earliest interaction with Facebook was through the Open Compute Project and over time I have made friends at Facebook and other friends have joined Facebook.

I have been diving into technical details like Facebook's social graph. the Graph API is one area.

Now I understand a bit more on how Facebook's Internet systems work and are designed.

Another question is how is Facebook different than the other 4 of the Big 5.

I had a chance to talk to some executives who have worked with Facebook for years and I presented this slide as part of what we think is the Facebook way.

One construction friend who I was chatting I shared my perspective. This video I used afterwards to let FB employees explain their vision of graph search.

The other big 5 I am more familiar with especially since I worked at two of them (Microsoft and Apple).