Looking forward to another 7x24 Exchange Conference

I admit that I was a late attendee to 7x24 Exchange. I had been attending Uptime Symposium, Data Center Dynamics, Data Center World, Gartner Conferences, IBM, Open Compute, and some other conferences. And thanks to Lee Kirby who suggested I attend 7x24 Exchange I decided to look a bit at the conference. Then I met David Schirmacher who is the President of 7x24 Exchange. Lee Kirby is the President of Uptime Institute. So based on two smart people telling me to attend 7x24 Exchange I started and now I attend both the Fall and Spring event and I always find it is time well spent.

I checked out the attendee list to see who is going who I know and to check out who is attending who I should look to meet. This is part of being an open Conference that supports the interaction of its attendees. 

I am looking forward to see Robbie Bach’s keynote. Being ex-Microsoft and Robbie is too. Will be interesting what words of wisdom he has. 

See many of you at 7x24. I’ll be there.