The end of DCIM is coming

Chris Crosby writes an entertaining post making an observation on DCIM’s attempt to be a star.  

I am copying Chris’s last paragraph. Please read the above post to get the context. 

”The world moves fast. Sometimes, things that look really good at first turn out to be not good enough. People loved silent movies, but they liked them better when they could hear the actors talk. While folks never have universally embraced DCIM, they liked the idea of it. It’s hard to say what the future holds for DCIM, Norma never gave up hope of returning to the silver screen. Of course, she wound up shooting William Holden in the back and, psychologically broken, she descended down a staircase to a gaggle of news cameras, declaring “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille”. I suspect that whatever DCIM’s ultimate fate is, it will be a little less dramatic.” 

What some of you may know is the number of people who would like to shoot their DCIM deployment and move on.   Or some of you will just let DCIM be turned into just another one of those tools that only a few use.

I have never been a big fan of DCIM. Why? Because whenever I would peak under the covers of the system I found it wasn’t meant to scale, or the automation wasn’t ready yet.  Or other issues that were best just left under the covers and hidden.

Why isn’t DCIM simply a use case of Industrial IOT platforms? 

If you made DCIM do all the things the sales team said it would, then there is no reason why it is not the Industrial IOT Platform.