Undersea Cable and The Law

On lawfareblog I found this post.  https://www.lawfareblog.com/cutting-cord-legal-regime-protecting-undersea-cables

“One of the U.S. economy’s most critical resources is the massive network of undersea cables that transverse the globe, carrying the overwhelming majority of all internet traffic. Over400fiber optic cablescarry99% of transoceanic data, providing the physical links that bind our digital world together. This global infrastructure rests almost entirely in the hands of private companies.

In the modern geopolitical environment, the vulnerability of undersea communications cables stands out as an acute cyber security concern. Relatively little attention, however, has focused on the legal frameworks that govern the networks of glass and steel that form the literal backbone of our internet. This post lays out the threats to communications cables and the existing international laws protecting cables from intentional damage.”

This article has some great details that is hard to find.  

One suggestion that I didn’t see in the article was to work with a Telecom in a country who has decades of experience and the majority of times the country has an interest to protect the undersea cables.

In the article they referenced Microsoft’s Brad Smith, president and chief legal officer call for a Digital Geneva Convention. https://blogs.microsoft.com/on-the-issues/2017/02/14/need-digital-geneva-convention/