Going to 7x24 Exchange Orlando, June 11-14, 2017

Over the years I have shifted what conferences I attend.  In the beginning of my data center efforts I went to Uptime and I think my first Uptime Symposium was in Orlando.  At the time I was following the lead of Mike Manos when he was at Microsoft and we worked together. I can remember meeting some great people at this Orlando conference that I consider some of the best.  Uptime Symposium in the US have disappeared and 7x24exchange Exchange is now the main data center conference I go to. Why?

Top is the people attending are some of the most social in the data center industry. Including some of those people I met at Uptime Symposium and some of their staff.

Part of why the people attending are so good is the 7x24 Exchange staff that supports the event are awesome.  https://www.7x24exchange.org/about-7x24/7x24-staff/ https://www.7x24exchange.org/about-7x24/board-of-directors/

Looking forward to see friends and making new ones at 7x24 Exchange Orlando.  See you there.