Michael Siteman has a new gig at Internap - Congratulations

Michael Siteman has a new gig at Internap that he announced on his LinkedIn page. When I checked in with Michael he had over 50 congratulations on LinkedIn. Below is a short description of Internap (INAP) if you aren't familiar with the history.

Founded in 1996 on the principal that there had to be a better way to send information over the Internet, INAP has become a leading technology provider of Internet infrastructure through both Colocation Business and Enterprise Services (including network connectivity, IP, bandwidth, and Managed Hosting), and Cloud Services (including enterprise-grade AgileCLOUD 2.0, Bare-Metal Servers, and SMB iWeb platforms). 

I have known Michael for so long and we regularly chat about so many things that I felt like I needed some help on writing a post. So reaching out to two friends who are active members of 7x24 Exchange President David Schirmacher and Executive Director of Carolina's chapter Robin Aron they came up with some greats works to describe Michael. Strategic, Collaborative, Effective, and Integrity. These four words resonate with my experience and I couldn't come up with better words to describe working with Michael on data center projects.


Michael has had a history of gigs at Staubach, JLL, Digital, 7x24 Exchange, and his latest gig is at Internap.

One of the cool hobbies Michael has is collecting guitars. Above are a few of Michael's favorites. Next time you see Michael you can ask about the history of these beauties.