Off to another Fluke Roadshow 2017 in Austin on May 11

Fluke has a Roadshow event and I was on a panel for the Seattle event on May 2. On May 11 in Austin I'll be presenting a breakout session of the use of Machine Learning. The Seattle event had over a hundred people interested in the smart maintenance and connectivity. What some people may call the Industrial Internet of Things.

The event was well worth my time. One of my data center buddy who used to work a cellular company, Mickey Mouse, and the biggest bookstore was there too and the Fluke engineers were interested is his perspectives on how facility maintenance could be improved with IIOT type of efforts.

I had fun on the panel and tested some ideas I have been working on.  Digital media efforts may be the latest, but I am one of the old school people who believe that presenting in front of a live audience allows you to test your ideas.  Then scale that work on digital media.