Raging Wire Goes Open and Transparent to see in its Data Center

Data Center Frontier has a post on Ragiing Wire's latest data center that has lots of windows.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – At first, it looks like any other hallway. But as you step onto a glass-enclosed catwalk, your entire field of view is filled with Internet infrastructure. Glance in either direction and you suddenly have a birds-eye view of an entire data hall, gazing down upon cabinets, cages and IT equipment.

Walk a few more feet ahead, and you enter a round observatory with dueling portals of critical infrastructure – cooling on one side, power on the other. Just a short walk ahead is a door that opens on a view of the entire equipment yard, including emergency backup generators and cooling towers.

— http://datacenterfrontier.com/the-cut-away-data-center/

You can do a 3D walk through from a browser here.

Will look for Doug and other Raging Wire people at DCD SF and see how this effort is working.