Cruise Ships Data Centers, 9 months of planning, testing, and installing

Data Center Knowledge has a post on a cruise ships data center. Reading the post it is a classic active-active design with locations is stern and bow. The IT company has installed the system in 6 ships.

Heider’s team deployed DataCore’s SAN virtualization software to simplify storage management and ensure high availability. The software synchronously mirrors data across two data centers on each ship, so if one of them fails, the other takes over automatically. “It’s really good software and easy to use,” he said.

BSH spent the last four to five years upgrading and installing the data center infrastructure in TUI cruise ships. It takes about nine months to plan, test, and install the technology on each vessel, Heider said.

What was an interesting fact is there are 9 months allowed for planning, testing, and installing.

What comes to mind is the huge opportunity to apply cloud methods. the below image is from a DCD webinar.