The Power of Images and Apple Workflow, communicating status

I have been meaning to play with Apple Workflow.

“You’re in control. For the first time.

Build your own workflows with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Mix & match hundreds of actions to create quick shortcuts, manage your media, share content, and much more.

It’s like making your own apps. But a million times easier.”

Apple bought the company earlier this year and I have been meaning to spend time getting my head wrapped about using it. 

My wife is traveling and I wanted to let her know making breakfast and the dog (Bea) is in the kitchen with me.  Below is gif created so fast it was maybe 15 seconds. 

Taking three pictures seems like the right amount to show information and communicate so much. 

After I shared this gif, I cut and pasted and sent it to two of my technical friends I met with earlier in the week who know i like to cook, have been to my house, and know I have a dog.

What was little surprise is one friend asked what the red thing is in the pan with the eggs. It is a temperature sensor for telling you when the eggs are soft, medium, hard. This image gave the status of cooking the eggs. Then my head started spinning what could be done in communicating operations with three pictures. 

Time to experiment with others using this feature. 

Yes my dog did get some of the bacon. :-)