Got an electric bike (RadWagon 2018 Cargo Bike), my dog gives the thumbs up

I live in Redmond which has the tag line "bicycle capital of the northwest."


Part of my criteria for an electric bike is one that i can take dog with me and go to the dog park at Marymoor.


Took my dog, "Bea" today and she had a great time. Rode there at 20 mph, carrying a 50 lb dog and myself.


The bike above is a RadWagon from Rad Power Bikes in Seattle. The cargo bags hold plenty of stuff. Have done a Whole foods run and a Trader Joes. Next is a Costco run. No paper towels or toilet paper. :-)

Oh and the other criteria is my son can use electric bike.  It weights 70 lbs has a 750 watt motor. He can use it in electric power mode only and zip around probably 30 miles without peddling given he weighs less than 100 lbs. I have been riding with peddle assist and it looks like I can go about 35-40 miles at 20 mph. Using my Apple Watch my heart rate gets pushed to 145 bpm.