Bottom line of Elizabeth Holmes Saga, a clueless inventor

Elizabeth Holmes Theranos Saga is top news with the HBO documentary release.

The best scene I liked was at the 26:45 mark when Dr. Phyllis Gardner, MD professor of Medicine, Stanford University comments on meeting with Elizabeth Holmes in the early days.

in that scene Dr Gardner explains that “it’s impossible, physically”

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 08.46.01.png

Eiizabeth continues her pitch to others and she makes it seem like she is the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 08.48.57.png

I worked at Apple when Steve was there. I worked at Microsoft when Bill Gates was there. From watching Elizabeth Holmes her thinking that she can do something physically impossible is clueless to what Steve and Bill were able to do. They were phenomenally good at identifying where there was business opportunity and to get a team of people together to build to solve the technical issues to get to market.

Elizabeth raised lots of money. Sold her vision of changing the world. Then expected the believers at her company to do the impossible. To recreate physics to achieve her vision of how science works.

It’s like Elizabeth thinks she discovered the alchemy of blood science to take a few drops of blood and change medicine.

It’s been proven that Elizabeth was a clueless inventor. She had no scientific background for her invention. Her patents were part of the con game. Watch the HBO documentary it has good lessons. I used the time watching the video to be in yin yang mode. Elizabeth was telling lies. I was focusing on telling the truth.

I wonder how much time you could say Elizabeth told the truth. She believed she was telling the truth, but when you are clueless how do you know what is true?

If you want an inner view of the whistleblowers highlighted in the documentary check out this video with Tyler Shultz and Erika Cheung at Stanford on Feb 19, 2019. It is nice to see the whistlerblowers are in good spirits surviving Theranos.