List of 50 Women who are Influentials in Data Economy - Google, Facebook, Microsoft execs

Data Economy has an article on the 50 power women in the data economy. My first inclination was to look for people and/or companies I think of in leadership positions and have been presenting at data center conferences.

Two Google execs - Heather Dooley and Sarah Clatterbuck.

Two Facebook execs - Delfina Elberly and Rachel Peterson.

Microsoft exec - Julie White.

Going through the article it was nice to see others who made the list and their background. if you click on a person you get more information. Like Heather Dooley’s background.


With over 20 years of experience, Dooley has invested most of her time in helping to build out the internet as we know it. 

She is a key team member within Google’s data centre expansion board and has a strong say on the company’s long term and strategic advancements of its cloud infrastructure. 

She also leads Google’s program management for metrics and analytics, new products, documentation, and communications. 

Prior to joining Google, Dooley has also worked at other giants including Microsoft and Earthlink. 

She is also an advocate for gender equality and is actively always pursuing ways to open new doors of opportunities for women in tech and is a member of 7×24 Exchange Women in Mission Critical Operations Committee (WiMCO).