Can data driven construction transform like baseball?

Moneyball is a famous story of how data changed how players were selected for team. Axios reports on how data driven hitting has transformed hitting coaching.

Some numbers to get your attention.

By the numbers: 19 of MLB's 30 hitting coaches played less than 100 big league games, 13 never played in the majors and four never even played in the minors.

The WSJ is a source referenced for the Axios article and they close with

A few decades ago, general managers were mostly former major-league players. They’ve been replaced by a new breed of executives, those with résumés seemingly more cut out for corporate America than professional sports.

This is the next wave of that trend: giving outsiders a uniform and making them coaches.

“More GMs are more open-minded,” Luhnow said, “because a lot of GMs don’t have a traditional background themselves.”

As these data driven tools get used more how long is it before the same is applied to construction? Many construction workers are ex-athletes, and the new construction workers are being exposed to these data tools.

Home Court is another data driven tool for basketball training.