When will construction workers be like NBA players who trust the data?

Construction is ripe for change. One of the industries with the biggest adoption of data science are professional sports and NBA basketball is constantly covered. WSJ has an article that shows how one player trusted the data. https://apple.news/A_QjXmd33QyqnStYZXg3HLA

What happened next would change Admiral Schofield’s life. He spent months tinkering with his mechanics until he was no longer shooting moonballs. As his shooting angle came down, his shooting percentage went up. Schofield made 30% of his 3-pointers as a freshman and 41% over the next three years.

“The most common quote I hear, whether it’s a middle-school coach, high-school coach, college or NBA, is that today’s players will not argue with a computer,” Carter said.

What has made this possible is an automated data entry system for recording basketball as events. It is relatively simple. Just track all the players and the ball in a fixed geometry space. Cameras and other sensors log all this activity. Basketball is so much easier than other sports with 5 players per team on a basketball court and it is indoor sport which makes the camera and sensor setup easier.

Part of the fun I have been having is chatting with multiple people who think this same way and get how it could apply to construction. What I laugh at on a regular basis though is what is required to process this information. HD compressed video is 4 mbps stream. 4K is 16 mbps. If you think you will send this to the cloud you will be paying insane transport costs up and down to process the data. Video image processing in the cloud is expensive.

On devices and the edge makes so much more sense.