StorageMojo blog went into Hiatus after over 10 years of blogging

StorageMojo was one of the leading blogs on storage. I had the pleasure to meet Robin Harris the owner of StorageMojo at a storage conference and he is a genuine person who wanted to change the storage industry. Robin’s last post is here.

Times have changed and Robin makes a good observation.

Looking back, I started StorageMojo at a propitious time, catching the wave of scale-out storage, SSDs, advanced erasure codes, and cloud, where intelligent commentary was eagerly consumed, and advertising was still a useful adjunct for a one-man consultancy. Times were good, and the Great Recession was something I only read about.

Robin still writes about storage on ZDNET and here is one of his latest post that discusses emerging storage technologies.

IT executives face a constant barrage of "new and improved" product claims. But data storage has changed more in the last 10 years than in the prior 25, and the rate of change is accelerating: We'll see more change in the next decade than we've ever seen before in computer data storage. Here's what's coming that you need to know.

Understanding what is coming -- some in the next few months -- will position savvy technology leaders to be proactive, value-added change agents. The innovations are real and fundamental, affecting how data centers are architected and managed, as well as enabling incredible new applications.