Uptime's Tier Rating challenged by 7 layer Approach by Int'l DC Authority says "Tiers Officially Outdated"

SearchDatacenter has a post on a challenge by the International Data Center Authority (IDCA) of Uptime's Tier Rating.

“The existing [focus on just power and cooling] doesn’t reflect what we need today, and in the future,” said Mehdi Paryavi, president of the IDCA, a research and education organization headquartered in Washington, D.C.

The IDCA created a seven-layer pyramid of holistic data center operation: application, platform, compute, IT infrastructure, site facility infrastructure, the site’s space and topology. This model accounts for the interdependencies between IT and facilities that engender high-quality service delivery.

”We’re past the days of silos where people say, ‘I’m a database administrator. I don’t care about power.’ Everyone needs to know the impact of their choices,” Paryavi said.

Going to the IDCA web site they say that

Tiers Officially Outdated!

I haven't studied IDCA.  Here is a video on the training program.

Training Information to be your companion

I have the book Training People for a while.  The book is a humorous view from a dog's perspective of training people to be their companions.


Training People: How to Bring Out the Best in Your Human Paperback

For centuries, dogs have known that they, not humans, run the show. But not all dogs know how to get the best from their people. Finally, from the leading expert in the field comes a straightforward, easy-to-use manual that's written for dogs by a dog. This indispensable reference provides foolproof advice on obtaining everything a dog deserves, from the best food and exercise to grooming and chauffeur services. Here are all the tools a dog needs for selecting, training, and living with a well-behaved human.

Some of our good friends are dog people and what I have noticed lately is how they interact and care for their dog has a close relationship to many other things in life.

The funny idea that came to mind that I am going to see if it works is applying the Idea of Training People to reversing the role and having people think about "Training Information." 

I'll keep on playing with this idea of Training Information and see if it goes anywhere.