Debating upgrading GreenM3 From Squarespace 5 to Squarespace 7

It’s been over 3 years since I switched from Typepad to Squarespace 5 for this blog.  Squarespace has upgraded from 5 to 6 and now 7.  There are some technical details on why I like squarespace 5 which don’t work on squarespace 7, but sometimes it is better change than hold on to hold habits.

Squarespace today announced its first major platform update in two years: Squarespace 7, adding new splash pages, templates and integrations with Getty Images and Google Apps.

The release advances the completely rebuilt codebase that arrived with the release of Squarespace 6 in 2012. Squarespace 7 will become available in waves to customers starting tonight. Customers can opt-in to the platform, or choose to hold off on upgrading during the early transition.

Will I change?  Most likely, but going to spend a few more days thinking about it.